Canadian Endurance Racing : 3H Birthday Party

Canadian Endurance Racing : 3H Birthday Party

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ChumpCar Canada is proud to present 3 Hour Birthday Party at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.  To Celebrate Canada's birthday, the team at ChumpCar Canada has decided to add two 3H races in conjunction with the double 8H race. 


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Cars will be mixed class and award podium for the 3 fastest cars.

July 1st, 2017
Day 1
9am-12pm 3H Birthday Party
9am-5pm Double 8H Day 1

July 2nd, 2017
Day 2
9am-12pm 3H Birthday Party Not Enough
9am-5pm Double 8H Day 2

Mandatory Race Car Rules
> Roll Cage
> Secured Fire Extinguisher
> Safety Net

Mandatory Driver Rules
> 2-Layer Race-Suit w/ Nomax Undewear
or/ 3-Layer Race-Suit
> Hans Device
> SFI approved Gloves and Shoes

Mandatory Pit/Crew Rules
> 1-Layer Fire Suit
>  Gloves / Shoes
> DOT approved Helmet