What is Canadian Endurance Racing (CER)

Welcome to Canada’s ONLY Endurance Racing Series.  Originally called ‘ChumpCar Canada’ Canadian Endurance Racing Series (CER) has evolved from what was once considered a low budget race series to what it is today, a Grass-Roots Wheel to Wheel series that stands far and away from any others when it comes to the pureness of the sport.

There are three categories of racers for CER, Those that have raced with this series and know.  Those that wish they could race with this series and are putting together a team, and finally those that won’t race with this series because they either don’t have what it takes, or don’t have the balls. Pure Adrenalin, Pure Excitement, Pure Racing, And Pure Fun!  CER has its own rule book that will include most types of race cars (safety regulations aside)  CER will ONLY race on premier tracks across Canada and new tracks are being added every year. CER is all about Competitive Road Racing on Premier Tracks across Canada.  

Races start at 7 hours long and can go to 24 hours!   

No better way to improve your skills then get behind the wheel!